perjantai 5. maaliskuuta 2010

Days of Squatting Action in Finland 16. - 17.4. 2010

Is there no room for uncommercial activity in your city? Is your band without a rehearsal space? Do you need a place where you can work on projects and meet your friends? Are you fed up with paying rent for a tiny apartment?

We can all influence our daily environment through direct action. Whether you have escaped Babylon to the countryside or live in an imitation of a metropolis – reclaim your space! In April we will squat spaces all over Finland – come be apart of a nationwide uncommercial and solidarity-practising counterculture! Our invitation is extended to all antiauthoritarian groups and all individuals who long for free space and a culture free of authority.

The individual’s right to self-determination is trampled upon on a daily basis. A small elite makes decisions that affect everyone’s living environment. Construction companies, corporations and the twisted decision-makers of city councils control the urban environment with the sole aim to maximize profits. They do not see the supporting of uncommercial activities as worthwhile because the city is designed to serve consumers, not people. Public servants dread the idea of self-organization and understand no other motives than chasing profits. Uncommercial projects tend to fail because wealth determines the right to utilize spaces.

Old, abandoned buildings are demolished to make way for luxury housing, motorways, hypermarkets and office buildings. When areas with lower rent rates appear exotic in the eyes of rich yuppies, will the area soon be infested with flamboyant luxury homes and SUV’s. Contruction companies let old buildings fall into decay in order to sell the land for maximum profit. Meanwhile people with a lower income or without a place to stay are forced to quietly move out of the way. Culture and history are acceptable collateral damage as long as those with money can have their lakeview.

Despite common beliefs, one need not bow down before the power of money. The city belongs to those who use it! Governmental control and the law are of no interest to us – we justify squatting as we are left with no other options and are ready to fight for our right to influence our living environment.

The nationwide days of action provide us an opportunity for networking and gathering our strength for a common cause. Come with your friends, projects, ideas and skills – participate in squatting projects or initiate new ones yourself! Let’s take back what is ours!

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